Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kids@Citz Week 6

It was nice to be back at kids@citz this week after the holiday weekend. After some panic on Thursday and Friday about whether we would be able to run the classes due to the burst water pipe and collapsed road outside the theatre, we were thankfully able to operate as normal!

We enjoyed learning about scenery in the morning classes with the Tiny Citizens working on a story about a town that changed its houses from boring, grey buildings to bright and colourful ones. The Little Citizens were lucky enough to get to work with a real set box which Martin (our Education and Participation Manager) was able to explain to them as well as helping them to understand the job of a designer in the theatre. After Martin had worked with us on the set box the children worked on some scenes based around pieces of our own set (the objects that we can attach onto our wall-hangings). Over the next few weeks we are going to be working (in both of these classes) on pulling all our ideas together from all our different stories and scenes that we have made to put together some short pieces that we can share with friends and family on week 9 of the term.

In the afternoon classes we went on a journey to Fairy Flintspark's cottage in the woods to return her wand to her as she had lost it and it had turned up in our mailbox. Unfortunately the fairy wasn't at home but she had left us a note with a magic spell on it so that we could get into her house for some tea and cakes. It took us a few attempts of saying the spell in different ways (loud, whispered, in a fairy voice, tired) until it finally worked. The older classes also put together some scenes of what might happen when the fairy came home and found her wand.

As always, we had lots of fun this week in Kids@Citz and I know that I came home thinking about all the fun things we will be doing next week and I'm pretty certain that lots of the children did too!

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