Monday, June 04, 2007

Water water everywhere!

In the spirit of keeping things as dramatic as possible here at the Citizens', we had a rather spectacular flood out front on Gorbals Street at the end of last week. I've been meaning to post this blog before now but wanted to include some photos - which for some strange reason don't seem to want to leave my phone. I'll add a picture soon.

A burst pipe under the road caused flooding all around the Procurator Fiscal's office, the Citizens', Hasta Manana and the other local businesses. Kamal from the sandwich shop was even enterprising enough to build a bridge out of pallets and planks through the lane, although I'm not sure if this was for enterprising customers or just an escape route for his staff!

We were physically unscathed thanks to a slight incline at our front door and some sandbags, although we had to cancel one performance of The Tempest. Thankfully we were able to move audience members to other nights.

The road eventually collapsed and some scaffolding remained unsafe, so Gorbals Street is still closed to traffic. We'd like to let everyone know that we are still well and truly open for business. Traffic is a little heavier around the back of the building as this is the diversion, but our car park is accessible as usual. Someone commented that it was the first time they'd actually heard the phrase "the show must go on" used in a genuine context!


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