Saturday, May 19, 2007

This week in Kids@Citz...

Well it's been another fun filled week at Kids@Citz this week, so I'm dropping by to give a little update!

Things were a lot more relaxed again this week and we had the foyer pretty much to ourselves all day so lots of parents and brothers and sisters stayed during the sessions to read newspapers or storybooks and enjoy the tea, coffee and juice that we provide for them. I think the brilliant atmosphere that that creates was missing a little bit last week with it being so busy!

We had a visitor with us in our first two classes this morning. Kelly was joining us to see what we get up to and to help her out with her college course. The children really liked having a new face in the class and Kelly was a great help to Calum and I, providing an extra pair of eyes to make sure that nobody was doing anything they shouldn't be! That said, everyone behaved really well today and we got some fab work done!

In the Tiny Citizens morning class we listened to lots of different pieces of music and talked about what they made us think of and how they made us feel. We had some spooky music as well as some marching music and fairy music. We then used one of the pieces that had made us think of mermaids and fish to help us with our story this week. This weeks story was called "Sharing a Shell" and everyone acted really well in it.

In the morning Little Citizens class we also listened to lots of different pieces of music and talked about what they made us think of and how they made us feel. Then, in two groups, we made up stories from the music and then showed our stories as a series of 6 frozen pictures. When we watched these with the music it was really cool! We then talked about how we could incorporate that idea and our other ideas into our final sharing piece.

The afternoon Tiny Citizens arrived in the middle of a spell of torrential rain! Thankfully nobody got too wet and we were still able to enjoy drama! Again, like last week, we had a new person join each of our afternoon classes. The boys and girls were all very welcoming again and made sure that everyone knew what they were doing. Both of these classes did some fantastic work today! In our mailbox we found a poster telling us how the King had lost his crown. We went on a journey to find it and took it to his castle. The King told us the story of how he lost his crown and we made the sound effects in his story. The Little Citizens class also acted his story out for him.

I think everyone would agree that today was really fun and that we did some really good work! We're off next Saturday for the holiday weekend but I'll be back with an update the week after!

Jen x

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