Friday, May 18, 2007

...going on my holidays!

This week has been pretty busy (…aren’t they all). Particularly because I'm about to go on holiday for a week - joy! I thought I’d give a quick overview of the main projects I’ve been working on this week.

I’m still working away, trying to book the tour for Yellow Moon. In addition to Edinburgh and Glasgow, the show is available for touring between 17 Sept and 6 Oct. So far I have quite a few pencilled-in slots, but the main delay is that the schools don’t seem to get their timetables for the autumn term until the end of this month or the start of June.

I’m away on holiday next week, so fingers crossed there’ll be lots of final dates and times sitting in my inbox on my return – so I can get the tour tied up.

We have pretty much sold out of our Yellow Moon play scripts, so I have been speaking to Faber & Faber about getting a reprint. Because the first script was published in time for the premiere, it was actually printed prior to the end of the rehearsal process, as such there are a few differences between this and the finished performance version which we are keen to get amended. I should have new stocks soon though, in anticipation of a deluge of orders once we’re back out on the road!!

Kids @ Citz will be expanding to Sundays this autumn and as such we have tons of logistical things to sort out. Traditionally the venue is completely shut on Sundays and there are lots of rules and regulations which must be addressed to ensure the building, our staff and participants are happy and safe.

It’s quite a landmark and a really brilliant chance to work with a whole new group people, not just the kids but their families as well, who are invited to hang out and relax in the foyer.

The YOUNG Co. met on Monday night and saw excerpts from a
DVD (edited by Eve) of The Chicago Project. We’re hopefully going to get some clips to upload to the web shortly.

The Citizens’ autumn brochure deadline is looming as our season will be on sale from 11th June. So we have lots of copy and image proofing. We’re even working on the publicity for the
Christmas show! It seems odd to be dealing with snowflakes and festive fun in May…but we have to start letting our school groups know as early as possible.

A project called ekfuture 60 is shaping up with
East Kilbride schools. East Kilbride is reaching its 60th birthday making it the oldest new town in Scotland. We’re working with South Lanarkshire to create and deliver a project to help commemorate this. I’ve been looking into some cool online mapping technologies which may be used in this project.

Close Encounters (play readings) commence tomorrow, so we’ll have a crew of dedicated actors in tomorrow to work with a director for the day, before performing a new play to a public audience tomorrow night.

In other news our unshakable buildings manager has been dealing with leaks in our office, roofs that need fixed and lots of other issues. So thanks Iain for keeping your head and getting things sorted!

Right, I’m off to see Hansel & Gretel by Catherine Wheels at the Brunton.

See you after my holiday!


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