Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glow Meet

I have just had the pivilege of sitting in on our first fully blown Glow Meet. Glow is LTS's online learning portal for schools.

Today's "Meet" involved 16 Glasgow Primary Schools connecting to us online via Glow to view, what was essentially a live broadcast direct from the rehearsal room of Don't Start Me.

It was with some intrepidation that we waited to find out if all the schools could connect. Technology and bandwidth issues have been known to cause problems in the past. Fortunately all those we were expecting appeared online.

Angela Smith hosted; in her words, she was "Davina" for the hour's event. She did an amazing job of presenting, co-ordinating between all the schools and leading discussions. Davina would have been proud!

An introductory whip round the schools allowed the p3-4 pupils in each school, to cheer loudly in turn, to let us know they were online. The first sound of their voices sent delight round the rehearsal room as we realised we had a fully fledged audience.

After watching a clip of rehearsals (from earlier today) the pupils were able to ask the cast and Director questions via live chat and even speak to us from microphones at their schools. Hearing the pupils engage directly in this way, was definitely a highlight for everyone in the room.

We hope all the schools had as much fun as we did listening, watching and interacting via Glow.

Our next "Meet" will be this Thursday when pupils will get to chat with PC Geoff from Strathclyde Police.


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