Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't Start Me! Glow project kicks off

It's been a very exciting week for the TAG team as we have now started rehearsals for our production of Don't Start Me! TAG was chosen as one of only 10 arts companies in Scotland to run an innovative drama project using the new Scottish schools intranet system GLOW. We are working alongside Strathclyde Police to deliver a range of activities exploring the origins of criminal behaviour. We will be working with P3 and P4 pupils in Glasgow schools.

The cast arrived on Monday morning with only ideas and a skeleton of a storyline. The following 2 weeks will be spent fleshing out and then polishing until a full play has been created. We have 4 actors involved and they will all play different parts throughout the performance.

As well as rehearsals happening this week we have had two practice 'Glow Meets'. These are interactive video conferencing sessions on the Glow site. Teachers from our 20 primary schools all logged on at the same time and we could chat to each other, share information etc, and the teachers didn't even have to leave their classrooms!

The reason for these practice sessions was because on 18th January we are holding our first proper Glow Meet session as part of our project. Approximately 1000 pupils from all over Glasgow will log on to our Glow Meet and will get to see behind the scenes at the Citizens Theatre. The pupils will see the actors rehearsing and they will be able to ask them and the director questions about the play and about what it's like to work in a theatre. This session will allow the pupils to see a part of the theatre making process that they would never normally get to see.

We also have another Glow Meet happening on 20th January with PC Geoff Smith of Strathclyde Police making a presentation to the children. Again, the pupils will be able to ask PC Smith questions which he will answer live as the Glow Meet happens.

The tour of our theatre production starts on Monday 24th January. There will also be post-show drama workshops taking place and classroom activities and resources for teachers to access as part of the overall Don't Start Me project.


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