Monday, February 14, 2011

Jill's placement blog

I have just finished my third week of my six week placement working here at TAG at the Citizens Theatre. 

I arrived at the beginning of a two week tour of a play exploring the origins of crime and post-show drama workshops as part of the Glow project. The project is based around a multi-school intranet service called Glow where primary 3 and 4 classes can interact with each other sharing their experiences of participating in the tasks and events set up by TAG. Prior to the tour, the schools also had the opportunity to join a “Glow Meet” so they had already met the TAG team and the actors online.

After watching the performance at Dalmarnock Primary School I assisted in post-show drama workshops designed to further explore the issues raised in the play. The workshops were great fun and proved very interesting in relation to the variety of responses to the issues explored. The workshops then followed the production on tour around 18 different primary schools in the east end and south side of Glasgow. I think I arrived at just the right time in the project as the workshops have been so amazing to be apart of. The encouragement I received from everyone to take a turn of leading parts of the workshops was amazing and I enjoyed leading games and activities and interacting with all the pupils general. 

As well as jumping from school to school I have also been working in the office. I have mostly been collating evaluations of the Glow project but also have been getting a great insight to the running of TAG. Although office work does not seem quite as much fun as facilitating, the atmosphere in the office is so welcoming and fun that admin work is not so boring!

I also got the opportunity to check out the wardrobe department. I had never been in the wardrobe department of a theatre before and it was so amazing to see all the costumes from shows that have been on in the theatre as well as seeing some being made. 

In addition I have attended meetings and also a community performance of “On the Rim of the World” which was a great experience of opera and really interesting too.

I have had an amazing time in the three weeks I have been here although it seems like I’ve been here so much longer. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming and with some exciting projects coming up I can’t wait for the next three weeks.


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