Thursday, August 23, 2007

From the streets of Edinburgh

It is with great joy that I sign-in, from an internet cafe on the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, to find another comment on the blog. Ace.

I'm working through in Edinburgh quite a lot this week as Yellow Moon is part of the British Council Showcase. This means that the BC are bringing lots of international promoters to see our show, and lots of other recommended productions.

I have breakfast meetings four days this week, were we get to hang out with the promoters and hopefully make some good contacts. A great piece of advice from the BC was for me to bring an actor with me. That way the promoters who see the show, should recognise us in a crowd and come to chat. My name badge (and obligatory TAG badge) really isn't enough.

The actors were happy to tag (excuse the pun) along and get a free breakfast! I have a different buddy with me each day. Unfortunately someone told Andy this morning he was completely unrecognisable as himself. We thought maybe he should be sitting on a wall shouting taunts at passers-by and generally misbehaving like a teenage boy. He must be too mature in real life!!

This afternoon, Alison (the Citz marketing manger) and I are going to try and figure out how to use a video camera. We can blog but that doesn't make us technical wizards! We are hoping to grab a few vox pop reactions as people leave the performance.

If you have seen Yellow Moon and still haven't texted in your feedback, you can do this at any time. Just text TAG and your comments to 61211.

I have just spotted a blog email from Beth, so I'll pay the nice man for some more internet time and try to upload this now.


P.S. The rest of our Fringe performances are sold out, but you catch Yellow Moon at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow from 4-15 September.

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