Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Schools work at the Citizens' this autumn

There are two productions happening at the Citizens' this autumn for which TAG is providing educational support activities: Yellow Moon and Hamlet. These resources and workshops are aimed at secondary students. We have mailed schools in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. If you haven't received your letter (the postal system being what it is just now!), you can download a copy from the Creative Learning section of our website.


P.S. I can't contain my delight at receiving our first comment on the blog. That must mean that someone reads this. Yay! Thanks.


Statler said...

Of course some of us read it! There's been lots of posts I've enjoyed reading - all the ones about Yellow Moon at the Fringe, and the Kids@Citz posts. Keep up the good work!

David Ashwood said...

*Puts hand up

I read it too :-)

Great blog.