Thursday, August 23, 2007

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More news from the frontlines, from the cast of Yellow Moon:

Well since I am computer-less I have finally picked up a request to send in the odd blog so I thought since my esteemed colleagues have been having their tuppence worth so would I... (though I'm not sure I have much of interest to say! Though I will not be sending them at sunrise or any such half asleep nonsense - only joking Keith! x).

Well the week has begun when apparently we have lots of people coming from the British Council (oh yes, go on, take us abroad!!? 4 bodies, 4 chairs, 1 man with a disc and a show you could do anywhere to anyone... you know it makes sense!). However I must admit to slightly mixed feelings. I'm really glad they are coming don't get me wrong but because the show is basically now a sell out I feel a bit sorry for the normal punters who can't get a ticket for love nor money, including my granny!! Yep not even can the cast get any strings pulled.

It should make for a really interesting mix in the audience though coz there are a few schools booked too I hear. That's the thing about this show, it never gets boring to do because you can never guess what the audience reaction is going to be. Different ages seem to have their own take on it in a way I've never experienced in any show I've done before. You can never relax or rest on your laurels, it's a good feeling. It makes each show exciting and new to do - I love it. I'm looking forward to this week, it's just a shame the festival is going so fast, it's been a real pleasure.

What else has happened? Oh Keith got new trousers coz the last pair split at the knee but he wasn't happy with Liam's choice (much to his disdain - in the nicest possible way) so he is off to change them today. It does sound silly from the outside but it is true that when you have a character all there and working the clothes have to feel right too... mmm it does sound actor nonsense doesn't it so I 'll leave this one. But for the record I'm with Keith on this one. Sorry liam x;)

Nal's caught a tummy bug of some kind which is a real shame but you'd never know it from the outside - what a trooper. The audiences so far have been so good you forget any outside nonsense anyway once you're on. It's the fab thing about doing a show a second time it seems to take on a new life, not radically different, just moved on in some way. I noticed today there were little nuances from the first show that had kind of been swept away slightly and were starting to layer on again and knit in. It made a lot of what I watch from the sidelines really fresh which was nice - no acting required. Not sure if I making any sense whatsoever, which wouldn't surprise me but there ye are.

Apart from that I am desperately trying to get to all the other shows that seem to be booking out which is a bit of a pain and my time is nearly up on this pc (god bless the library service) so I shall leave it there. Oh and don't worry bout my gran, my mum is donating her ticket, bless.


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