Monday, August 17, 2009

Young Co. Summer School

Last week Young Co. had their annual week-long summer school. This week of drama workshops is designed not only to improve skills and strengthen relationships, but also to start the build up to the autumn's production, which this year is Lend Me Your Ears - a night of the best bits from Shakespeare.

OK, we know it's impossible to choose the best bits, but there'll be loads of great stuff. Young Co. worked mostly with Neil and Louise throughout the week, but had a visit from a firm Citz favourite Paddy Cuneen (I can say that, cause I was lucky enough to work with him once in Nightschool).

Paddy worked with the group to write a song that will feature in Lend me Your Ears. I'm hoping to get a video clip of this from Rea, if we can figure out how to get our phones talking to each other.

I didn't have a huge amount of time, but managed to grab some snaps of Young Co. on Friday afternoon.


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