Friday, July 31, 2009

...the living is easy

Crikey, I've just realised how long its been since we've posted on the TAG blog.

With our second ever Summer Academy just finished, everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief and satisfaction at another successful programme of workshops.

We had 8 courses, and I think the general consensus was that all went very smoothly. We even managed to squeeze in a quick photoshoot for the teenagers, so that we now have a brilliant collection of photos for all age groups in our drama classes.

I also managed to pop into the Arts and Crafts club one day to snap some photos. I've posted a wee slideshow below.

We have the Young Co. Summer School starting shortly and for the rest of the summer we are building up to loads of Autumn projects, including This View of Life and Lend Me Your Ears. in the next few weeks we'll be able to tell you about a wee project where we'll need your help!


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