Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Teenagers @ Citz

Regular Teenagers @ Citz (drama class) attenders, Andrew and Rebecca McCartan were interviewed by our Drama Class Supervisor Yvonne:

What has been your experience of Teenagers @ Citz?

I've been to Teenagers @ Citz for 3 terms, and each term has been great. Each time I’ve made new friends and also I've learned a lot about acting and performing. I've really enjoyed going every week as it is fun and it's good experience for acting. (Rebecca)

Teenagers @ Citz has been great fun and has been a good experience of being able to work with other people and create dramas. It's a really good way to meet new people and have a laugh each week. The work that we do each week is fun and interesting and it was good to be involved in such a friendly group. (Andrew)

Tutor Clare McGarry with Rebecca, Andrew and other Teenagers @ Citz participants.

Do you enjoy the sharings?

Yes, I think the sharings are a great way to show family and friends what we can do. I preferred making up a performance and showing that, rather than showing a "work in progress". Although both ways are good as they show what we have been doing each week. I think it is a really good way to end the term as it gives you something to look forward to at the end. Also I liked getting the chance to perform in the Circle theatre. (Rebecca)

The sharings at the end of the term was really exciting. It's great to be able to show the dramas that you have been doing to an audience and your parents, and find out other peoples reactions to what you do. Performing in the Circle studio is also a great experience as it is an amazing place to act in. (Andrew)

What do you think of the Citz?

I think the Citz is a great place to start acting, as it is such a well known theatre. It has lots of projects to offer, like Teenagers @ Citz and the Young Co. The staff are always helpful and friendly which creates a friendly atmosphere when you walk in. The rehearsal rooms for the Circle and Stalls Studios were a good place to have the classes as if lets us see what it is like backstage. (Rebecca)

The Citz is a great place to go to and it is good to be able to take classes in such a well-known theatre. I think the Citz is a fantastic theatre and the rehearsal rooms where the classes take place are really big which is good for doing drama. (Andrew)

What do you think of the tutors?

All the tutors that I have worked with have been awesome! They are all really friendly, outgoing and up for a laugh. Which was great as it made it more interesting and fun learning different things about acting. One of the best things about them is they would take part in the activities as well! They made the classes more enjoyable as they were just like one of us. (Rebecca)

I really enjoyed working with the tutors that took the class. They were very friendly and funny and they would always give us exiting stuff to take part in. The best thing about them was that they would also take part in the activities themselves! They were so energetic and fun, and the classes wouldn't have been the same without them. (Andrew)

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