Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Money Matters At Bannerman High School

I have just returned from a compelling couple of days at Bannerman High School, where myself and Louise have been assisting a group of 3rd year drama students work on short scenes that were being filmed by Learning Teaching Scotland. The DVD, when complete, will be distributed around all Glasgow Secondary Schools.Today's filming was the culmination of 5 weekly visits to the school, delivering drama workshops in order to raise awareness of financial issues that might affect the young people now and in their adult life. It sounds a little dry I know but the pupils response has been excellent, particularly today when the selected group of 13 had to perform in front of the camera. It was a lot of pressure but they were extremely professional in their approach and I get the impression that they totally enjoyed the experience, I certainly did. Well done to all concerned, myself and Louise are certainly looking forward to seeing the results.

Maybe I'll deal with my finances a little better now...who knows?!!

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