Friday, October 26, 2007

Tall tales from tiny tots!

This morning I was in Neilsland Primary School delivering our Dragonfly storytelling project. It was my 3rd session with the P6/7 class and it was a very exciting one because today we were gathering stories from the P1 class.

To put you all in the picture, this storytelling project is normally delivered in nursery schools where the children will tell TAG tutors stories which are written down and then acted out as a group. However, in Neilsland Primary we are piloting a new element to this project. Instead of TAG tutors working directly with the tiny tots, we are actually training the P7 pupils to lead the storytelling sessions!
The P7s have already learned all the rules of the technique and were desperate to give it a go with the little ones. I took small groups of P7s at a time and they were each paired up with a P1 pupil. Lots of stories were then told and written down. It was a really lovely session and the P7 pupils were all really happy with the results. They found it a bit more difficult than they initially thought it would be, but are keen to continue the work over the next few weeks.

Here is a story that was told to a P7 pupil today (as it was told):

"Once they were a wolf that stole a baby and he took it to his house. The wolf gave the baby some toys then he fed the baby and put the baby to bed. The wolf jumped off the branch and he put the baby on the chute and he hurt his-self. The baby climbed up the chute and jumped out of the window."

How cute!

Ang x

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