Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Doctor, the Devils and the Performance

By this time last week the YOUNG Co. would have committed 8 murders and polished off endless bottles of Gin, with plenty more to go in the second half!

I'm referring of course to their performance of The Doctor and the Devils, the story of the infamous Burke and Hare, which took place in the Circle Studio between the 17th and 20th October. A great week but certainly not easy going, with a very short rehearsal period and three days final push to work in the space, including tech and dress rehearsals. The backstage staff working hard to finish off props and costumes, Nigel making final adjustments to his excellent soundtrack, desperate attempts to make a riot look convincing with 3 people, many discussions about a mouse (a prop not a real one!), who's got what bottle when and what do we do with the savages hair?! A real team effort went in to creating this show, with Liam, my assistant director, a constant support. Neil Haynes the designer created a really interesting setting for the play, which saw a complete transformation of the Circle venue. Lighting, costume and sound all assisting in creating a suitably atmospheric world for this disturbing play.

The YOUNG Co. did themselves proud, giving very mature and committed performances, deserving of the full audiences and the all round positive response they received, including reviews in The Scotsman and Herald. Here's to the next YOUNG Co. adventure...
ps...I enjoyed the last night party as well !

Neil Packham
YOUNG Co. Director

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Edward Harkins said...

Neil and everybody concerned with the production: I took a guest along to the show on 18th October and we both greatly enjoyed the performance.

A mark of quality is how the focus is on the acting - it must be very tempting in this sort of supernatural period piece to go for very over-the-top theatrical special effects.

Speaking of special effects, we had a spectacular but unintended instance of hilarity in the intimate space of the studio. There is the scene where one of the 'wives' pulls back a ragged garment to discover the body of an old lady and screams in horror, very effectively - so effectively that four ladies in the front row audience also shrieked and jolted up!

Somehow, through the audience laughs and giggles at this part, the cast showed their mettle by carrying on and quickly re-establishing the dark and horrific ambience of the performance.

The 'supporting act' of the ladies led to much hilarious banter in the bar afterwards.

Well, done all concerned.