Thursday, September 27, 2007


There was a homecoming of sorts this morning as the Yellow Moon tour reached Inverkeithing High School. The two main characters in the play are from Inverkeithing and the action kicks off in the town.

I had hoped to make it through to watch it here, but was totally gutted to miss it. Too many meetings and not enough transport!

I can't wait to hear how it went. The play should have a much greater significance for the audience here. The writer David Greig, who lives nearby, was also in attendance and available for an exclusive Q&A afterwards...what a coup!

I also can't wait to hear if Andy's accent will hold up to local scrutiny. One of my favourite stories from the tour preparation was this...
During rehearsals, Andy, determined to perfect his Inverkeithing accent, took a trip to Fife from Glasgow with a mate, managing to squeeze in an important round of golf in the process.

Andy’s tactic for learning the accent was to cruise around the town, stop randomly and ask passers-by to read excerpts of the script aloud – which they would read into a recorder, for future study.

Unsuspecting Inverkeithing folk were more than willing to comply, even when faced with the embarrassing prospect of reading a scene in which Andy’s character, Lee (a nervous and inexperienced adolescent boy) tries to get-it-on with Leila. Pretty shadey if you ask me!

In another excerpt Andy got them to read one of Lee’s brash statements:

“I’m thinking of going into business as a pimp. I don’t think there is a pimp in Inverkeithing at the moment.”

One local resident exclaimed – “actually there is!”. The
Fife tourist board might not be too happy with this news!


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