Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Beth's blog...Crossroads, Judy Finnegan's neck and Blair Witch

Well, in Inverness having stayed in a brilliant little hotel called Crossroads just 13 miles outside Banchory for a couple of nights. Only a 2 star but so deserved more. I had french toast with bacon and maple syrup this morning, you don't get that on offer every day. Liam had the poshest room I've ever seen, a total boudoir according to Keith.

The schools in the north east have been brilliant. It's a funny thing when you walk into a school you can generally tell within 5 mins what the school is going to be like by the atmosphere. Things like if the staff are friendly and happy the pupils generally are and all the schools up here have been like that. Every one has had a really happy atmosphere and felt like a nice place to be, I'm moving up here, the quality of life and general jollity is awesome!

The people carrier has become a disturbing blend of paranoia and Judy Finnegan's neck. Helen (TAG administrator) taught us a game which involves the instruction 'do not think of Judy Finnegan's neck' (you're seeing it now eh!). Now I have nothing against Judy Finnegan or her pretty neck but really, enough already! Every hour or so a plaintive cry comes from yet another company member as Judy invades their brain, it's not healthy.

And the paranoia? Because dark things are afoot amongst the company! The 2nd midnight walk we took turned very blair witch (I obviously tempted fate). We were merrily jaunting through the wood taking pictures of dodgy Keith and his beard lurking behind trees when we came to a crossing over a ditch and discovered a sign. Next to carefully placed piles of fir cones and sticks a note was pierced on a stick saying "enter at you own risk and you will die". Andy immediately wanted to go home though he claims it wasn't out of fear (aye right!) and I immediately thought we must have annoyed the neighbours the night before (because sound doesn't half travel in the dark) so they were trying to scare us into shutting up. Me and Nal thought it was really funny though and as everyone was talking about it we decided it must have been one of us because who else would know we had been having the blair witch experience the night before. The main suspects are Keith and Andy coz they went for a run before dinner and had plenty of planting opportunity and Liam because he just would! But 3 days later no one has fessed up. Sensibly, and obviously, we are just utter egotists and it wasn't aimed at us at all but was a game amongst some local kids which we happened to stumble on, but this doesn't seem to wash with anyone else ‘cept me and Nal. Whatever it was it's genius coz we have been utterly paranoid since and every time one of us is away the other 4 seem to convince themselves it was them. It's all in good humour but everyone is totally suspicious there is a mole in the van! Either that or Helen drove all the way up and did it! With the help of Judy Finnegan I bet!

Still feel like we're on holiday. We had a lovely scenic drive to Inverness today to have our day off which included watching Andy disappear into the heathery wilderness to take pictures and yell which was rather amusing. Also had a wicked jaunt down a beautiful sandy beach on Friday. Yep, definitely going to retire up here.

Next week is Fife including Inverkeithing where the play starts and my old school in St. Andrews - that'll be weird!

Right, missing Eastenders so better go. Roll on Fife!


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Helen Black said...

The primary game is actually that you are not allowed to think about "the game"...that's the game. The secondary part of this is that you are not allowed to think about Judy Finnegan's neck. There is a 20 minute period of grace, from when "the game" is discussed to re-commencing playing it. Obviously you announce when you lose it, to your assembled friends.

It's not only those on tour who are afflicted. Whilst sitting in my kitchen last night for no apparent reason, I lost the game!

Try not to play it...it's hard.