Monday, September 17, 2007

2 weeks in!

Just a quick update this week as I'm very aware of how carried away I can get when I write these posts so I'm going to keep it short and sweet... or at least try to!

So, Saturday was a busy day at the Citizens' this week with Doors Open Day, a matinee of Yellow Moon, a Hamlet rehearsal on the main stage and our classes going on in the Stalls Studio and upstairs in the Circle Rehearsal Room! As always, I can only give you a taste of what my classes got up to but don't forget over the whole weekend there are another 9 classes on top of these ones!!!!

The 4-5s had a great time working on the story of Cinderella this week. This was the first time that we have had the children tell us the story and they did remarkably well, working as a whole team to get in all the last details. They also did some fabulous acting as all the different characters in the story.

The 6-8s were working on slightly different things between the 2 classes this week, however, we're going to bring them back on to the same (or more similar) activities next week as the fairytale stories are proving to be very popular with the children. Nevertheless, all the 6-8s (from both classes) worked really hard and should be raring to go a week on Saturday (after the bank holiday weekend) with Jack and the Beanstalk!

Sunday was a busy day too, with 10 classes going on, it's always going to be a busy one and it is great to see the foyer bustling with life. All 3 of my classes worked really hard and produced some fantastic work. The first of my groups are progressing really well and starting to relax into it all and have fun which is fab. We spent some time at the end of this session filling a massive piece of paper (about 5 metres long) with ideas of things they liked and didn't like, themes they wanted to explore, activities they might like to try and we got some great ideas like Hollywood, the Jungle, using pieces of script and (after one of last weeks games) "using the wooden spoon"!!

The 2nd class I have on a Sunday spent half the session playing games and doing drama exercises before settling down to discuss our sharing piece. We are still working through 3 of the ideas that the group came up with: "Haunted Christmas", "The Creepy Kids Next Door" and "Evil Fashion Pixies". I'll keep you posted on how that progresses!!

As for my last group, we all had a tough session trying to decide what we wanted to work on as our sharing piece but I think everyone would agree that it was worth it because the idea that they have come up with is just fantastic! This group are really good at comedy and they have decided that they want to do a piece called "Who Ate the Gingerbread Man?" A sort of fairytale whodunit with all the suspects being well known fairytale characters and a big twist at the end... a lot of scope for some very funny work I think!!!!

So all in all it was a very tiring but satisfying weekend, I just can't believe we are 2 weeks in already but as they say "time flies when you are having fun" and we most certainly are!

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