Monday, June 11, 2007

Kids@Citz 09/06/07

Just a short entry this week as I seem to be run off my feet at the moment!!! Saturday was lots of fun, as always! In the morning classes we started to work on the material we are going to be using in our sharing sessions for the children's family and friends which will be taking place in two weeks time. The Tiny Citizens have picked their favourite bits out of each of our stories from this term and we are working on joining them all together into one story and so far it's going really well! The Little Citizens are working on devising their own material based around the different roles in the theatre (technical, performing etc.). They have come up with some fantastic ideas and I'm looking forward to working on that with them over the next couple of weeks!
The afternoon classes went on a pirate adventure this week where they met Captain Eyepatch and helped him find a treasure chest! The Tiny Citizens used their bodies to show us what they thought might be inside the chest and we had lots of different and interesting responses. The Little Citizens went a few steps further and created some scenes about what happened to the chest and the treasure. This group are really excellent at making up scenes and have really taken on board lots of the work we have done about stagecraft and ways of presenting our work. The children are also really good at feeding back to each other what was good and what could have been improved. This week in particular the children were very supportive and complimentary of each other, and they really listened to what the other group thought and adjusted their piece accordingly. I'm really excited to work with this group next term on devising their sharing piece!!!

I guess this entry wasn't so short after all!!!

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