Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kids @ Citz 23/06/07 The Sharings

Firstly, apologies for my lack of posting last week, hopefully this will make up for it...

Well it was a big day on Saturday for all the participants at Kids@Citz as we had our "sharings" where friends and family are invited along to see a taster of the children's work. For the two morning classes, this meant performing a short piece at the end of the session for their invited audience, while the afternoon classes had their audience in the studio to observe the whole session.

Tiny Citizens morning class did a grand job and I felt so proud of them all for performing so well in their piece that was based on their favourite parts of the stories we had looked at this term. The children performed lots of different parts including monkeys, a cricket, flowers, a giraffe and even a boat as well as doing a scene change all by themselves. They were just fantastic!

The Little Citizens morning class also did a fabulous job with their devised piece that introduced the audience to all the different people who work in the theatre, from actors to stage crew, directors to lighting and sound technicians. The group were really nervous at the beginning of the session but they really pulled it off and again I felt so proud of everyone for all their hard work!

Both the afternoon classes went on journeys to the zoo, where they took part in the zoo's 10th anniversary parade. The older classes also did some more developed work on scenes. Both classes did exceptionally well and were not too put off by all the grown ups that were watching them.

All in all I think it was my favourite day of this term because everyone was just on top form and really rose to the challenge. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say it one more time, I'm so proud of all the children who took part on Saturday!

Next week is our last class of the term and a number of the children will be off on holiday so we're going to be having a really relaxed fun session ready to wind down for the summer holidays... I'll be signing in to let you know what we get up to!

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