Friday, May 11, 2007

Young Audiences Scotland

Since sometime last year we have been involved in the application process for and implementation of a marketing and audience development project for children and young people's theatre in Scotland.

TAG, Catherine Wheels, Giant, Wee Stories, Visible Fictions and the Bank of Scotland Children's International Theatre Festival came together to apply to the Scottish Arts Council for funding to recruit one highly skilled individual to run a pilot project which aims to trial and develop varied marketing schemes that will ultimately benefit the whole of the children and young people's sector.

Sally Wilson, who has worked extensively in Scottish Theatre was recruited, fresh from her post as Chief Executive at Audiences NI. We have been meeting for the last few months and a plan of attack has been formulated. We are very excited about this pilot and are hopeful that it will provide a valuable legacy for the sector.

One of our main objectives is to make it much easier for families, young people, schools and others to easily locate information about shows across the country from lots of companies. Ultimately we want to build on the already strong offerings within Scotland to create an even more vibrant and well supported body of work.

Amusingly one of the most difficult things to pin down has been a name for the project. After many wordy conversations, we went down the abstract route to find a name (to be accompanied by a strapline) but it appears that all the good abstract names are already in use! So it looks like we have settled on "Young Audiences Scotland" ( confirmation still to come). It does what it says on the tin, which I think is a very sensible way forward.

I'll keep you posted on further news.

Image by Iain G Farrell

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