Saturday, May 12, 2007

Today's Kids@Citz Classes

Well today seemed like a bit of a marathon at Kids@Citz and I am now well and truly shattered! Everything was a little more hectic in the theatre than normal because Angels in America was on (Part 1 in the afternoon and then Part 2 in the evening) so we didn't have the run of the foyer all to ourselves like we have grown used to!

The morning classes weren't affected too much and we had lots of fun in Tiny Citizens learning about props and acting out a new story, "Who Are You Stripy Horse?" We also talked about what props were in our story, the main one being a big, expensive vase. I think we all agreed that it had been a good session.

We looked at some props in Little Citizens too, and used them to make up some short scenes. The stories were really cool and everyone performed really well! The theatre started busying up after this class and soon it was bustling with lots of audience members for Angels in America. We managed to find our afternoon Tiny Citizens amongst the crowd and shepherded them into the studio.
We had a few new faces in both the Tiny Citizens and the Little Citizens this afternoon. All of the existing members were really welcoming and helped the new children with what they were supposed to do. In both of these classes we went on a journey to Storyworld where we made up our own stories and acted them out.
All in all, it's been a really fun day, even if the hustle and bustle has made it more tiring than usual... now on to planning for next week...

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