Monday, September 03, 2012

Saul's Work Experience

At the theatre we endeavour to make time each year for some school pupils to come and get a taste of working life with the Citizens Learning department. We recently welcomed Saul, who had a varied week, got exclusive access to reheasals for Yellow Moon and The Monster in the Hall and a number of participatory projects. Here's his review of the week:

"On the first day I felt really nervous and worried because I didn’t know what I was going to be doing and who the staff where. Then my Auntie who works at the theatre came and got me and showed me to where I was to go. When I waked into the office I met a women named Elly and we talked for a while about what I wanted to get out of my work experience and she gave me advise about her time in College and drama school and I had never thought about going to College before auditioning for drama school so that opened up a knew way of thinking for me. I got started on my first task which was to look at the head of the drama departments across many schools in Glasgow and find out if they still are they current head. I am not the best at tasks on the computer but I still tried my best. I wrote down the teachers I wasn’t sure of and left the teachers I was sure of. I then met a man named Guy and he took me to see a professional rehearsal with professional actors which was just amazing to see there characters and how diverse they where. There was one actor who was playing a ned a very camp man and a teacher and he was amazing at every part. I left day one feeling happy and more comfortable.

On day two I was yet again shown where to go by my Auntie. I was shown to a rehearsal room where I saw people all different ages and races. I was getting involved in a workshop for a show for asylum seekers. I just got involved like I do in my drama classes. Playing games, doing improvisation and planning frozen pictures but know one listened and did a bit of movement into a frozen picture. I felt really comfortable meeting new people who were just hilarious plus many people who had gone through hard ships. When the workshop had finished I felt brilliant and really happy. The next workshop I was getting involved in was a creative writing workshop with primary school teachers. I was thrown in again and I talked to teachers and they were really funny and I met my primary five teacher and it was brilliant to work with teachers out side of school because they were just so different to what I think teachers really are. When I left on day two I felt I had done really well and was also told I did well which gave me a great confidence boost.
On day three I went to the office by myself and I did a task where I put t-shirts in their kind of style and size. Once I had finished I went on the computer and sent an email to another member of staff named Angela with the sizes and different types of tops. After I had finished with that the Head of Citizens Learning Martin gave me DVD’s to watch about the rehearsals I had watched called Yellow Moon I also watched interviews from directors to writers and that was good to see there views about how they worked. I the watched the other show that was going on called The Monster In The Hall which was great full of comic moments plus a great meaning towards the end. When I left I felt like I was getting into the swing of things. 
On day four I was with the with the Asylum seekers project called Here We Stay and I got to know the people more. There was new people who weren’t there on day two who had really interesting story’s and I did feel really emotional when we were sharing things we felt strongly and personal about. At the end of the last workshop of here we stay I felt really emotional and happy I got to take part in this mind opening project. The second workshop I took part in was a workshop with Girls who lived in the Gorbals called Take a Stand. It was a group of about ten girls and Louise who also worked at the Citizens theatre plus a guy called Martin who filmed and recorded the stuff the girls did. We played games and then we wrote what was personal to us about the Gorbals. I wrote about the Citizens Theatre because it is personal to me and I don’t live in the Gorbals. I recorded their speeches with Martin and I had mine recorded to. I left feeling happy again and completely not nervous or worried.
Today on my last day I am filling out this blog and I am also going to be watching a show from a group in Philadelphia and I have to write what the pro and cons are. On this final day I feel like the Citizens theatre is a great and mind opening place to work.

Saul Davidson"

Find out more about the work of Citizens Learning and the ways in which you can take part in the creative life of the theatre: Take Part

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