Friday, December 18, 2009

Workshops, glittery slippers and bendy roads

Hello all

Today is my last day of placement here at TAG and I have to say I'm very sad to be going. (oh no I'm sadder than that...Gotta love a panto joke) It's been such a great experience, from workshoping to admin tasks, making a giant glittery glass slipper, nearly breaking a Camera...but let’s gloss over that!

I have had so much fun and learned so much from all of the very talented staff here, I'm so thankful I have been given this opportunity as I know six weeks of a pestering placement student can be a toll order.

To highlight a few of the finer moments, workshops in the Gorbals were always so much fun. Dressing up, playing games all followed by the ever so tasking decision of what to have for lunch, but lets just say I’m a creature of habit and if I like something then it is totally justifiable to have that every day for 6 weeks- well maybe not a shinning example of a balanced diet then.

Trips to Ayrshire, with our resident Alfred Nobel and Stacey Solomon sound-a-likey, a queazy stomach from the bendy roads not made any better with a little emergency stop at traffic lights. A Trip to Dalbeattie to put us in the festive mood, congratulations to all involved, an absolutely fantastic production, really, really enjoyed myself.

On another festive note, went for a nice power walk with Louise after a delicious...but I really didn't need that last bite...Christmas lunch, to go back to the Citizens and see the snow start to fall. Quite the magical moment followed by a little frolicking and general excitement.Well I could actually write a 6 page essay, but who wants to read that!

So I will round up with a big thanks to all the TAG team and the whole of the Citizens, I have met so many lovely people and have memories to last a life time. - thank you

and Merry Christmas

Amy x

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