Thursday, September 10, 2009

This View of Life

Just read Claire's blog on The Rosey Project, which I found really interesting. It was a great project for YOUNG CO to take part in and again I was very proud of their performance, I know it was an emotional rollercoaster for them. However they more than rose to the challenge and created an incredibly poigniant and appropriate piece of work that deserved the tremendous response from the delegates at the conference...well done to all concerned!

Now...This View of Life, a performance and workshop focusing on Charles Darwin and his evolutionary theories, that in a couple of weeks time will be performed in the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow to primary 6/7 school children, before moving onto Summerlee Heritidge Park and eventually the National Library of Scotland. Myself as director, Peter Arnott as writer and 4 professional actors are at the end of our first week of rehearsals and what a week it has been?! When we met on Monday, we first looked at the set model, which got us all instantly excited...a time machine built of dinosaur bones called the that's not something that you see every day at work. We then went on to read the script, everyone had something to say about it and we all felt very challenged, not least of all the writer. However, the actors really brought it to life even in this first read through and it is going to prove a very entertaining piece, that I'm sure will inspire the young audience to look at the world in live in in a different way. It's a short rehearsal period for such a big subject and it is so easy to be side-tracked into deep conversations about Darwins theory but we have to move on, otherwise we might be dependent on the 'time machine' to get us out of a difficult situation come 2 weeks , when the performance has to be ready !

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