Friday, April 17, 2009

Citizen Y

Here's some of the feedback we received for Citizen Y last week:

“A fine portrayal of everyday young life, where some are fine with joining the revellers and getting drunk while others search for the deeper meaning. It was well choreographed and it made me think about life and materialism”

“Tonight, we seen Nighthawks – Citizen Y. We think Chris McCann is amazing!!!!”

“Fabulous show. 10/10. Well done Young Co! Great to see talent in Glasgow!”

“Amazing. Best show ever. Girls were so hot!!!”

“Absolutely brilliant. The acting was good and funny. And for me, young Chris McCann shone like the true future star he is. Well done all.”

“Well done. Enjoyed watching all these young people, some of whom are very talented, but just so refreshing/interesting to have a group of teenagers doing something worthwhile. Loved the music throughout!”

There were two reviews, The Scotsman and View From the Stalls


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