Thursday, November 20, 2008


Blackout has got to be one of.......probably the most.. (for now) challenging pieces i have taken part in. Blackout is a strong piece with a strong message. It relates to all our everyday lives in a ''positive'' or ''negative'' way. Blackout has been in places big and small, but to send it to schools is probably one of its biggest achievements to date, it's something i underestimated.

When i started the tour i knew it would be good and that it might reach out to some, but i wasn't expecting it to be so powerful. Now i know what we are taking part in, this is a chance for many today to see what could be their future. The problem is, it doesn't always turn out the way it does in Blackout, sometimes it turns out for the worst. Anyone that sees it can evaluate what might happen... ''think ahead'' something that isn't always easy to do when you're young.

The subject of the play is a common thing, which is wrong and no matter how it sounds, if the message is delivered right, then it could aid in helping the change of it all. Everyone that is taking part in the project will in some way feel they are helping people, to me that's part of what acting is about. I'm sure too a lot of us feel we could do more, show people that there is '' nuttin tae dae'' when your sitting mad wae it waiting for it to come to you, the opposite of that is finding something to do, going after something, aim to do something...once you achieve it... aim higher.

We are proud to be part of this and i hope although i am sure it isn't the end of Blackout. More than any of us ever expected, is coming from this in a small way (for now) it's making a difference. All of us involved have something to take with us, knowing that we have done something a lot of people today have stopped doing '' TRYING''!

Blackout Rocks


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