Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2nd time round!

Best reaction today so far I reckon! Well, I suppose it IS only the second day of the tour but really buzzed off of the feedback this time round."Do you think we should have pubs for under-agers?" always seems to hit a nerve.... Two totally different schools where the discussion afterwards couldn't have been more different each time, but thinking on it now...everyone is essentially trying to tell us the same thing: LISTEN TO US! Which coincides with a comment I read from one of the questionnaires we recieved back from a pupil at Hillpark today......something along the lines of.... "great to be part of a discussion about things that Britain tries to hide..."

This tour is causing severe sleep deprivation, points like that are keeping me awake at night......


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Helen Black said...

Sounds brilliant. I'm loving the posts so far. Can't wait to come out and see it in a school on Friday, especially to hear the discussion afterwards.

Happy travels.