Friday, October 24, 2008

One in a million

Some people just make you smile. I definitely think Liam McCabe is one of those people. Liam (from Cardinal Newman High School), who has been on placement with us this week has written a blog entry and...wait for it...a poem about his time in the theatre:

"My week at the Citizens Theatre (in the Citizens Learning and TAG department) was an incredible experience. Not only has it changed my mind about the career I want to pursue, but it has given me an insight into the world of work. I have enjoyed the culture, the people, the theatre and the positivity of it all. I was looking forward to this week and it is what I expected and much, much more than I could ever imagine. I discovered being busy is a great thing and it can be fun as well. I’ve written up hand written scripts and written my own on the Thursday. I’ve laminated things, photocopied things and lots and lots of other work jobs which I found good to learn. I have seen the original foundations of the Victorian stage which showed me history and drama, two of my favourite subjects rolled into one. The tour was fascinating as knowing all about the theatre, its history, its present and hearing about their bold ideas for the future of there establishment. Everything about my work experience was exciting, educational and fun. There was so much to take in and do and I was almost always busy and doing something to keep myself active and working all the time. Overall, my experience was incredible. I feel sorry for those who did not enjoy their placement as mine was incredibly fun and exciting. My favourite part of the overall experience was the fact that I had the opportunity to not only write my own script but generally contribute to the theatre and its production. For my last day of this experience I wrote up a poem for the people I’ve worked closest with. Remember it was only a 20 minute job so, if it is terrible don't be surprised!

The Citizens Theatre is the place to be,
People to meet, people to see.
Tragedy, Comedy!
Everything’s there!
The audience watch, the actors share.
My time here has been great for me,
It’s shown me a place where I could be.

The people here are really great,
It’s shame I am here till a set-in-stone-date.
Martin, my mentor,
My hats off to you.
You have helped me with everything I had to do.
You showed me work, and the Citizens pride,
You put me under your wing and kept me at your side.

Angela, Angela, you are with child.
Your antics inspiring, though often wild.
Always glowing with happiness, day by day,
And I know your baby will be great by the way.

Neil, is the one always on the phone,
So many calls, yet never he moans.
Your brain always active, ideas pop on lights.
And you always found the time to treat me right.

Louise, you are rather smart and silly,
And always there for some laughter.
Never staying still, always busy,
Buy you can sit and have some toffee after.

Though not all mentioned, I thank everyone,
For being here to make me feel so great.
Although, it’s true we've rarely seen sun,
I would love to stay till a later date.

But sadly that cannot be done,
And returning to school must happen.
I do not regret having begun,
And my memories will never be dampened."

By Liam McCabe.


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