Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tullochan and Oz

I was dead pleased with the Tullochan Trust workshops we did recently down in Balloch. The weans were brilliant, really positive and like wee sponges. The drive down was great and the week ended with over 50 people coming along to see their performances which is apparently a really rare turn out. So good week had by all.

Just heard a good story! The lassies (Elly and Louise) just came back from a Wizard of Oz school workshop. One of the pupils didn't want to leave the workshop so Elly and Louise took an arm each, stuck on the c.d. (off to see the Wizard) and danced their way out of the room, leaving the young guy to dance his way along the corridor.

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Helen Black said...

Totally genius...I wish I'd seen them! Hx