Monday, August 11, 2008

Young Co. Summer School

If only I was under 21! I always look back and wonder if there were as many cool activities on offer when I was a bit younger (oh dear...that makes me sound old and boring). Our community Drama Director, Neil, has planned a brilliant week of activities for the Young Co. who today, commence their annual summer school.

The tradition is that the summer school will start looking at the play that will be performed by the Young Co. during the autumn - this year this will be Reflections on the River - written by members of Young Co. with mentoring from professional playwright Peter Arnott. It's also a really good chance for current members to get back together, have a laugh and welcome any new members.

This year the itinerary seems more packed and varied with a host of sessions including:
  • The Voice and Song with vocalist Sally Clay (They Shoot Horses/Liar)
  • Text and The Actor with Keith Macpherson (Yellow Moon/Waiting for Godot)
  • Stage fighting with Carter Ferguson (fight director) and Paddy Cuneen (writer/director)
  • A private performance of Blackout by Davey Anderson (Liar/Snuff)
...and lots more sessions on Reflections.

So, as Young Co. commence the festivities upstairs, I shall try not to be too jealous. If you like the sound of this and want more info about Young Co., you can email Neil here.


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