Thursday, August 21, 2008

Renata's blog - stammering project

Continuing our series of blogs by participants of Outspoken, here’s what Renata Uznanska had to say about the project for young people who stammer:

"I found out about the project through BSA, directly from Jan Anderson.

Outspoken drama sounds very interesting within itself. It was a hunger for new challenges, new experiences and new people, that brought me to Glasgow Citizens.

I wanted to broaden my imagination, teach myself from new situations, generally challenge myself. I did enjoy all the activities apart form Romeo and Juliet (I must admit politely). I would be happy to try the mime which I missed.

The social side was very, very positive and inspiring at the same time. I am expanding my wings of confidence in stammering very slowly. After another session I know I’ll progress much more strongly.

I hope to have the chance to join you all in August!"

Find out more about how to get involved here.


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