Monday, May 12, 2008

One week and counting...

Well, we are about to go into the last week of Yellow Moon in New York and I have to say (probably unsurprisingly) apart from catching up with loved ones I will be sorry to leave. This whole time has been a blast. The show has been going great. This last week especially the audiences have been a great mix of ages and they seem to really follow the whole journey Lee and Leila go on. We even had a one woman standing ovation, that tickled us. I do love it when there is a mix, different generations seem to see different things in the play and it's so fun to see the audience watching each other as much as us.

The whole 'Brits Off Broadway' season has got a really good buzz about it now as well. David Greig's other show 'Damascus' opened this week and Stellar Quines 'The Unconquered' has been going great guns too so the theatre is busy with audience and actors and the ever cheery staff. It would be nice just to hang on for a bit and soak up the New York and 59E59 atmosphere for longer but Britain beckons and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to seeing how the rest of the tour goes. But this really has been an experience we will never forget. Even just last night the staff partied with us in the bar with their resident Saturday Latin DJ (very good he is too!) to celebrate the birthday of Neal from Stellar Quines (and man these cats can dance!). Kenny (the house manager) nipped out and got him a cup cake and candle, they are so darned sweet here! Of all the things in New York I think I'll miss the staff of the theatre most of all. They are cracking! A home from home really.

Onto Dumfries and Galloway after next week. From a beautiful American city to the beautiful Scottish countryside - and boy is it beautiful down there. I think Dumfries and Galloway really comes into a league of its own in terms of beauty in the autumn but quite frankly any time of the year is bonny there so it should be fun.

So, here's to our final week in the big apple. Let's hope the audiences keep coming and keep enjoying watching it as much as we enjoy doing it. And Helen, the blog lady herself, joins us this week so should be a good one! Wish us luck.

Beth x

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