Thursday, May 29, 2008

4 stars for Liar "achingly lovely fairytale harmonies"

The Herald has given Liar a terrific 4 stars. Here's the full review:

"If I said that this joint production by TAG and Sounds of Progress would work brilliantly on radio, I'd want everyone involved to take it as a compliment. Because even though the acting is spot on, Liar itself has all the true strengths of potent storytelling. What captivates, here, is the orchestrated theatricality of sounds: words, music and vocalised effects that bring alive a crucial episode of childhood experience, as 11-year-old Lizzie discovers secrets that her parents have been hiding, and begins to sense who she is, and what's important to her.

The first sound we hear is singing. The cast arrive on a surge of such achingly lovely fairytale harmonies. But when the banter between day-dreamy Lizzie (Ashley Smith) and her gallus, gobby chum Stevie (Jim Sturgeon) kicks in, it has - like the chillingly savage bullying later on - the robust stamp of street-snash all over it. Gradually, Lizzie's over-heated fascination with an old woman - sneeringly labelled "tinker" by Stevie - uncovers a desperate truth about her own mother's past. Cue an implosion of childhood trust, coupled with a hunger to know about family ties, the travelling life, the wide, wide world And thoughout Lizzie's journey, the traditional songs - directed by Gordon Dougall and Sally Clay - weave a vivid subtext of the girl's traveller heritage, joyfully enlightening our modern ignorance as much as hers.

Aside from five black-painted chairs, there's no set to clutter the Circle Studio space, impede the pace of Davey Anderson's canny writing or Guy Hollands's direction, or dictate every last contextual detail to the audience - designated age range is eight- to 12-year-olds, but adults with overactive imaginations are welcome also.

Mary Brennan"

You can buy tickets online or call 0141 429 0022.


N.B. All photos by Eamonn McGoldrick

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