Friday, January 25, 2008

My Work Experience

For the past five days I’ve had the good fortune of working for the Citizens’ Theatre and the TAG Theatre company.

On the Monday I was fired into some admin work which in all fairness didn’t bother me in the slightest as it showed I was being treated as a young adult instead of a wee school wean which I thoroughly appreciated. Finally on the Wednesday I was sent to rehearsals for Waiting For Godot. Wow! It was terrific if my mind wasn’t made up before being an actor it most certainly is now. The actors and director were terrific there performances were very enthralling and I’m really looking forward to seeing the final show.
Later on that day I went to the rehearsals for Wee Fairy Tales which was from what I saw an exciting and very amusing production. The actors were very friendly and one in particular, Billy Mack, who gave me some very good advice which was very much appreciated. The Thursday was spent in Bannerman High School. This was also really good if not a bit surreal being in a different school from my own. The pupil’s behaviour was impeccable and the teachers were also very friendly. And today being my last day everyone is still as friendly as they were on my first day.

I must say that I’m really happy here and I’m a bit depressed about having to go back to school as I would gladly work here. And working here in the future is something that I would seriously consider thanks to this fantastic opportunity.

I don’t think my work experience could have gone any better it’s been a fantastic experience and I’m grateful to very one here who has helped me throughout the past working week. Whether it was Cat showing me how to work the franking machine, Martin inviting me to lunch everyday, Alison being really helpful patient and friendly, Louise and Neil inviting me along to Bannerman High School and letting me observe what they did there, Helen for helping me with just about everything, Angela being beyond brilliant with me, and Guy, Gerry, Kevin, Jeremy, Billy, Judith and Steven for letting me sit in on there excellent dress rehearsals (which by the way I’m sure will be highly successful shows) and last but not least thanks to Elly who gave me some great ideas for Valentines day presents =).

Thanks to you all you’ve been magnificent.

(Jonny Byrne, Uddingston Grammar)

Ed. Thanks to Jonny for being so enthusiastic, capable and willing to help out in lots of tasks! Well done.

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