Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Storytelling with Early Years

TAG has been working on a storytelling project called Dragonfly for the past year with nurseries in East Renfrewshire*, South Lanarkshire and the Gorbals. The project encourages young children aged 3-5 years to tell their own stories and also to act out each others stories.
The children really grow in confidence and even shy children find the sessions great fun. The project allows every child to have a voice within the classroom.

The nurseries taking part this term in East Renfrewshire are:
  • Thornliebank nursery class
  • Calderwood Lodge nursery class
  • Carolside nursery class

We are also working in Neilsland Primary school in Hamilton this term. We will be training the P7 pupils in the storytelling technique so that they will eventually lead the sessions themselves. This will ensure the long term sustainability of the project even after TAG's involvement has ended.

I will post some of the newest stories that the children have told. They are so cute! In the mean time you can read some of the older stories here.

Ang x

* Our Dragonfly project in East Renfrewshire is called Make Believe.

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