Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beth's Blog...scrabble, charity shops and stars

So we are on tour and so far so very good. Newcastle was great first time i've ever been in the city apart from passing through. We were particularly intertested to see how the young folk who were coming would take it and they seemed to like it alot so we were well chuffed. Pretty city too!

Now we are in the north east of Scotland and it feels like we're on holiday! Liam (the boss... apparently hehe) has found us a wicked cottage in the middle of nowhere and it is stunning. We have been cooking and relaxing and playing scrabble, Honestly it was more interesting than it sounds coz Keith and Andy were in serious win mode. Andy came whizzing up from the rear with a finish of 66 points and stole the game by one point from me and Liam, genius...ok maybe you had to be there.

We were in Banchory today and finally found a wireless connection, much to Andy's delight, hence the blog. The schools up here have been great and the charity shops are fab. I just picked up 3 mint condition 70s casserole dishes in green and white. I'm a rubbish cook so they will probably never get used but, oh, they are a thing of beauty!

Tonight we are planning another after dark wander in the woods, we went last night but only had one torch between 5 of us so it was all a bit blair witch, especially when you have a dodgy bearded actor with a hoodie lurking behind trees and a technical manager who likes to disappear and jump out on you when you least expect it. It was like something out of the play, very atmospheric. Tonight we are prepared, we have 3 torches courtesy of Asda for the prime price of 58p, no expense spared. They'll probably die on us within a minute.

Ok it's still on the holiday theme, rather than we are actually up here working, but the nights up here are amazing. Outside the cottage there is just a blanket of stars and we have seen a shed load of shooting stars so yep, lots of wishes for work disappearing into the cosmos i imagine. Even a debatable couple of satellites though the likelihood is they were just very far away planes.

I should probably stop now coz we are off to make some tea and quite frankly I sound like an advert for the Aberdeen tourist board but hey, this is the life that's all I can say.


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Helen said...

I'm so jealous, I just looked up your cottage. It's gorgeous! Hope all is still going well.