Friday, August 03, 2007

and so it begins

It is with somewhat bleary eyes that I can report that the first two performances of Yellow Moon at the Fringe, have been completed successfully. Last night's preview was packed and provided fantastic encouragement for this afternoon's opening performance.

Having seen Yellow Moon quite a few times, I was surprised at how nervous I felt last night. There is quite a tangible difference in how the show feels at the Festival, compared with our last tour. Not that the production itself, is too different, but that the festival buzz just brings an excitement and a new type of audience to the piece.I'm also amazed and pleased at how much I enjoy the play afresh each time. It takes quite a lot to make me laugh out loud, but Yellow Moon has managed this quite a few times. Because the show is in the round, one of the other joys is sitting in a new position each time, as you get the chance to watch different actors from new angles - noticing movement, expressions or words that you didn't the last time. I guess that's why it feels new each time.

As we anxiously await reviews, there's still a chance to grab tickets from the Traverse. If the reviews are good, given our pre-sales it could become a hot ticket. Fingers crossed.

I'll head home soon to rest before cramming in some Festival shows on Sunday. I'll let you know if they're any good!


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