Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Contacting the World Disappointment

Just returned from a great holiday to not such good news.
I'm sorry to report to all those in YOUNG Co. who contributed to the 2nd stage of the application for Contacting The World, that unfortunately we didn't make it through. I was proud our efforts and enjoyed the process. It was certainly a great afternoon at the museum and I will view fusty old paintings in a new light.

On a positive note...looking forward to YOUNG Co. Summer School 6th-10th August and our visit to The College of Surgeons in Edinburgh on the 13th. I get the impression that this trip will not be for the squeamish but if it can be stomached, will be of great interest in terms of researching the world of Burke/Hare and Doctor Knox...for the YOUNG Co.'s production of The Doctor and The Devils at the Citz this autumn.


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