Friday, June 08, 2007

YOUNG Co. Restore Painting

YOUNG Co. are through to the second round of a process which could result in them being involved in Contacting the World, run by the Contact Theatre, Manchester. If we get through we will be twinned with another company in a different part of the world and collaborate over the internet before coming together in July next year during City of Culture in Liverpool. There we will share the result of our dramatic, internet collaboration.

In order to stand a chance of qualifying we need to complete a task, which was: Next time you meet, go somewhere different collaborate with someone new and report back. This led us to a really interesting afternoon with 9 members of YOUNG Co. at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on Tuesday . We met up with Polly Smith and Lorraine Maule, who are restoring an oil painting, in one of the galleries, which, I think I can say, was fascinating for all of us. The painting in question was "Glassford Family Portrait" by Archibald McLauchlan (c 1767). Both groups introduced themselves, then Polly and Lorraine spoke about the painting, the background, social and historical relevance and their method of restoration.
YOUNG Co. members asked loads of questions and were clearly drawn in by it. There was more to talk about than I anticipated but eventually we decided to complete the collaboration by swapping roles, we would take on the role of the experts, and Polly and Lorraine the visitors who asked questions. It was all very spontaneous and I believe true to the Contacting the World task. Eve filmed the event and I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome. Went back to the office very excited by the afternoon and if we don't qualify, we've spent a valuable time trying.

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