Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A wee job in the theatre...

“Monday 11th June 10.00
I arrived at the foyer, curious and a little shy which was not at all like my usual confident self. I didn’t know what to expect from work experience so I was a little hesitant about going into a place where I didn’t know anyone and nobody knew me...”

Ama Sulter from Langholm Academy (Dumfries & Galloway) joined us for a week’s work experience last week. She has written a piece on her time with us. To read it in full click here.

It must be noted that Ama did an awful lot more than she has given herself credit for. She was invaluable in researching information, updating contact details, helping with playscript orders, packaging production print and even reviewing (and reporting back on) our websites. The "thrusting" of leaflets, she mentions, actually manifested itself in a polite but confident interaction with teachers at the Drama Teachers Network Conference held here last week.

When Ama says she loved her job and didn’t want to go home...she isn’t lying...even at the end of her busy week, she came back to the theatre to see “The Trouble with Asian Men” in the main auditorium and then came to say hi to the Citizens’ team at the Gorbals Fayre on Saturday morning.

All in all, a full and productive week.
Thanks Ama! Hx

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