Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sweden and nae IKEA

For the few people who don't know I went to the Svenska Teater Biennalen 2007 in Orebro, Swedens major theatre festival. I've been back over a week, spoken about it enough, so I thought I'd put something on here as well. Had a great time, met a whole load of interesting people and the only time language became an issue was when I was watching a play, even when I'd read the synopsis, it was still quite tough. I was primarily over there to deliver a seminar on Community Theatre, I also wanted to further our partnership with 'Lansteatern' (City Theatre). Seminar went ok and well attended. I'm amazed that community theatre is such a new concept in Sweden and that youth theatre is also so rare. Delighted to see that the Citizens Theatre has made such an impact at 'Lansteatern'...Tomas my new Swedish friend has a great collection of photographs from his trip to the Citizens, in a prominent place in their Green Room. Couple of highlights, a multi-cultural festival in the Orebro suburb of Vivillia (you might know it!!), great food and loads dancin'. The other highlight also involves food, the last night party where 1200 sat down to a three course meal, where inbetween courses a famous Swedish chef, not the one of Muppet fame, delivered a 20min lecture with slide show. !! I left the party at 2.30am and headed back to Scotland, slightly worse for wear, having had a interesting, valuable and amusing time....The strangest moment was meeting Helen Black at Amsterdam Airport on her return from the Middle East...It's a small world..

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