Saturday, May 05, 2007

TAG who?

If you don't know what we do, here are a couple of videos we made last year, that might help.

TAG Theatre Company:

A Day in the Life:

TAG has always been part of the Citizens' Theatre (there's some more history on this page), although it spent many years operating from a separate office. Since April 2007, TAG and the Citizens' have reintegrated to form one rather mighty organisation.

The task now is for us to try and convey to the public all of the different work that we produce, without overloading anyone. We are currently in the throws of re-branding some of our work to help make this clearer, but in the mean time here's a rough overview (in no particular order):

The TAG brand represents all of the Citizens' Theatre Ltd. work for children and young people (although we have lots of adult fans too).

TAG tours professional theatre to public venues and schools in the UK and abroad.

TAG also creates and delivers many varied "Creative Learning" projects and educational support for productions.

The Citizens' Theatre produces professional theatre for its beautiful main stage and 2 studio theatres. The Citizens' also tours work and acts as a receiving house for visiting companies' shows.

In addition the Citizens' Theatre has two non-professional theatre companies: the Citizens' YOUNG Co. (which comes under the TAG banner) and the Citizens' Community Company - both of whom regularly produce shows at the theatre.

In addition there are lifelong learning opportunities through projects which come under the "Citizens' Learning" bannner.

The Citizens' website will be edited shortly to reflect this - once we have the re-branding sorted!

...Phew! As you can see there are loads of strands to our work. I thought it was worth explaining that early on, so that you can just enjoy all of our news and insights.


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